Vitamix Creations II vs Vitamix 5200

Perform you love cooking and looking for a good, top quality, and high-performance blender for chopping and blending? Or are you planning on starting a juice pub and are not sure which brand or label of blender to go to get? If so , is your lucky day today. This article shall review and compare two popular blenders helping you decide which one to go for. Therefore , relax, relax, and proceed through this article comparing Kitchenaid Creations II versus the Vitamix 5200
Vitamix Masterpieces II Vs Kitchenaid 5200

Vitamix Masterpieces II is a blender that was created and manufactured by the renowned blender produce, Vitamix. This blender is performs and versatile a wide range of functions. When utilizing this blender, a feeling is got by you that you are using a professional appliance at home. The Creations II performs functions this kind of as blending, juice fasting, and chopping perfectly.

The Vitamix 5200, however, is another food blender manufactured by Vitamix. This blender has a sturdy construction and can help all sorts are prepared by you of meals at home in minutes. The 5200 can help a variety is prepared by you of mouth – watering quality recipes, that is why it is known as a universal blender also.
As mentioned over, the Vitamix Creation II allows you to encounter professional blending here at home unlike other blenders. This allows you to come up with some smooth and delicious dishes and drinks straight from your home kitchen. With all the Creations II, you are able to blend and blend ice creams, fruits, purees, soups, and other delicacies that you may flawlessly wish to. With this food blender, you can whip up special treats that feature a number of textures, thanks to its powerful motor that allows for to ten variable speeds up.
Exactly like the Creations II, the 5200 is regarded as an accomplished appliance that is versatile also. This blender can be capable of planning different types of soups, unwanted pests, and smoothies designed for your breakfast, lunchtime, and supper. You can also prepare special recipes for special occasions using this blender with a complete lot of ease. Other liquids and foods that you can make using it are face masks, scrubs, beauty creams, crushed glaciers, frosted icing, gravies, and whole grain flours, courtesy of its solid stainless-steel blades and powerful motor.
The Vitamix Masterpieces II has the subsequent features:

  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection program.
  • 10 variable swiftness controls.
  • Its glass pitcher weighs only 48-ounce.
  • Fits into most kitchen counter-top cabinets perfectly.
  • They have a metal drive system that links the container or pitcher to the bottom where the motor can be held.
  • Its dimensions are seventeen. 4″ x almost eight. 75″ x 7. 25″.

The Kitchenaid 5200 has the subsequent features:

  • 10 speed variable control.
  • It has a soft-grip and ergonomically-designed deal with.
  • Its pitcher weighs about only 64-ounce.
  • They have laser-cut, hammer-mill metal cutting speed that together with its electric motor they can reach phenomenal speeds as high as 240 mph.
  • This measures 17 by 12 x 12 inches.

The Vitamix Creations II has a compact and brilliant design. This means that this blender can match most standard kitchen counter-top cabinets. The pitcher is huge enough and only weighs about 48-ounce as mentioned over. These two when mixed make this blender ideal for blending foods of medium quantity in home.
The Vitamix 5200 features a tasteful and sleek design. The only problem with the design is it cannot fit into many standard counter-top cupboards. Other than that, the 5200 has a spill-proof venting lid with connect. This feature is advantageous as it minimizes the probability of spillage when adding ingredients into the glass pitcher. The handle of this blender is designed with a soft grip ergonomically.
The Kitchenaid Creations II can be fitted with laser-cut hammer-mill stainless-steel reducing blades. The cutting blades measure 3 in . in diameter plus they are sharp, so be cautious when washing the blender. Also, the blender has a moist blade container. This container is used in processing liquids this kind of as purees, soups, sauces, frozen mixes, juices, and for wet chopping also. The dry blade pot of the Creations II is designed to grind espresso beans, cereal, grains, and other dry substances. Also, it can be used to knead bread bread.
The Vitamix 5200, on the other hand, is fitted with 3-inch also, laser-cut, hammer-mill stainless-steel reducing blades. The cutting blades can spin in speeds of up to 240 mph. At this rate, they produce warmth, which is able of turning chilly ingredients into sizzling hot ones in about 6 moments. Also, this food blender has a wet knife container and a dry blade box that both provide the same reasons as those of the Creations II.
The Vitamix Creations II and Vitamix 5200 have similar features nearly. For this good reason, after evaluating Vitamix Creations II vs Vitamix 5200, we can say that there performance is the same nearly.

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