Vitamix CIA Vs 750 – Choosing Between The Two

Kitchenaid is known for its constant high-quality products and has been around business for several years today. The company is constantly improving the models available and producing more advanced models with better features even. As with almost all electronics, the later on models are more expensive than earlier versions. Many customers end up torn between the choice to spend more for any later model or spend less for any model that is not therefore new. It is important to consider the top features of the blenders and compare them to observe whether the later versions are worth the few extra dollars.
Choosing between Kitchenaid CIA vs 750 need not be difficult at all. Vitamix CIA is a very versatile food blender that belongs to the C-Series (Classic) line of Kitchenaid blenders while Kitchenaid 750 belongs to the G-Series (Next Gen) type of Vitamix blenders. They may be both very effective top-of-the-line blenders and both come with a 7-year full warranty. When you purchase the blenders from the Vitamix site, you get a complimentary recipe book with many great quality recipes to try out at house, and a starting out DVD explaining using the blenders and take advantage of the different features to get maximum advantages from the blenders. Beneath is a detailed assessment of the Vitamix CIA and the Vitamix 750.
The Vitamix CIA container is twenty. 5 inches high, 7. 25 ins wide and eight. 75 inches deep while the Vitamix 750 container is seventeen. 4 inches high, 9. 4 ins deep and 7. 7 inches wide. The Vitamix 750 container is easier to store under most kitchen cabinets therefore. It is more efficient because it is wider also. They both have a capacity for 64 ounces of ingredients and are easy and BPA-free to handle. The lids of both containers possess a removable middle plug that makes it feasible to add ingredients as the blender is operating. The lid of the 750 container is shutter-proof and spill-proof and this is a big plus for the 750. Both storage containers have tampers to help you push ingredients towards blades while mixing and thus prevent development of air pouches above the cutting blades. The 750 is more powerful than the CIA and therefore however, you might not need to use the tamper with the 750 often.
The 750 motor foundation is only available in brushed stainless complete while the CIA engine base in obtainable in onyx, brushed metal, platinum and ruby. The 750 has a 2. two horsepower motor, which usually is the highest intended for household equipment. The CIA on the other hand includes a 2. 0 hp motor. Despite the known fact that the 750 is more powerful than the CIA, it really is about 40% noise-free than the CIA. This is because its engine is housed within a special motor foundation with a noise damping effect. The 750’ s maximum velocity is 270 kilometers per hour while the CIA’ s maximum velocity is 240 kilometers per hour. Both engines have radial fans and thermal safety systems to prevent all of them from overheating whilst running at high speeds. The heat protection system the actual blender go off prior to it overheats and burns the engine. The Vitamix 750 weighs about two lbs. more than the CIA because of the greater powerful motor.
Both blenders have adjustable speed controls to be able to achieve any mixing consistency you desire. The 750 has five preprogrammed settings; smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, purees and self-clean. This makes it ideal for use in a occupied kitchen where you have sufficient other things to take care of. It has the pulse feature which the CIA does not have also. The CIA is capable of self-cleaning also, just put in a drop of dish soap and some drinking water and set the food blender to the high.
The Vitamix website sells the Vitamix 750 at $599. ninety five and the Vitamix CIA at $498. ninety five. It is possible to purchase reconditioned 750 blenders from the site. These are much cheaper but almost as good as new usually. You can save more than $150 by buying reconditioned 750 blenders instead of delete word ones.
The choice among vitamix CIA versus 750 is not really a very difficult one because the two have many variations. Therefore , if you understand exactly what you need within a blender and how much you are willing to invest in it, choosing among these two blenders must be very easy. You can get totally free shipping and additional discounts from the Kitchenaid site and various other sites by using specific promotion codes they have from time to time. The 7-year warranty and the reality that Vitamix has been around business for ages and it is known for their constant good products guarantees you of the quality of the products.

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