Vitamix CIA Professional Series Vs 5200

There are a true number of products under the Vitamix brand. Among them are the Kitchenaid CIA Professional Series and the Vitamix 5200. With that said, it may be confusing to some social people when it comes to telling the difference between these two Vitamix models. It is because they share many similarities but some differences. Another issue that might bring confusion is the known fact that Vitamix uses new model names for specific retailers. These models might come with extras such as different color options, or a different recipe book. Even though these differences can be found, some features like the actual blender are identical as those of various other previous models. For example, the Vitamix 5200 is the same as the CIA Professional with only the true names being different.
So if you wish to tell the between these two Kitchenaid models, what are the plain things that you need to know? We all will look at the swiftness settings and kind of motor to make a Kitchenaid CIA Professional Series vs 5200 evaluation.
There are three types of control sections on different models of Vitamix blenders. These types of panels are the basic two-speed setting, the variable speed the control panel, and the manual call for variable swiftness control panel. The two-speed control panel is available in several models such as the CIA Creations and the Turboblend Two Speed. It really is a very simple panel and has only two switches. One change is the high/low toggle, and the other may be the on/off toggle.
The variable speed the control panel is found in most versions such as the Creation Top notch, Pro Series three hundred, Vitamix 7500, Masterpieces GC, Creations II, Turboblend VS, Pro Series 200, as well as the Vitamix 5200. This control panel has a change that you can use to exchange between using high speed and variable swiftness and an on and off switch. Also, a manual is had by it dial that allows you to adjust the variable speed from 1 to 10.
The other the control panel available in Vitamix versions as mentioned earlier is the structure features pre-programmed presets and a manual dial for adjustable speeds. The preprogrammed presets are used to implement routines, therefore , enabling you to do other things since the blender really does everything by itself. This panel is found over the Vitamix Pro Series 750, Pro Series 500, and 6300.
There are two types of motors that Vitamix blenders make use of. These motors would be the 1, 380 w, 2. 0 top horsepower motor, as well as the 2. 2 top horsepower motor. The 1, 380 watts, 2. 0 hp motor was manufactured and designed in Sweden and was mostly used in previous models of Vitamix blenders. The cooling system of this electric motor was superior this is why its performance was impressive. Though a next generation motor was introduced by Kitchenaid, this 2. zero hp motor continues to be currently being used in the majority of Vitamix blenders and it is often referred to as the standard engine. The Vitamix CIA Professional Series as well as the Vitamix 5200 both use this motor.
The other type of engine used in Vitamix blenders, as mentioned earlier, may be the 2. 2 maximum horsepower motor. The horsepower of this engine was improved from 2. 0 horsepower to 2. 2 hp to accommodate the wider container and blades that new models have longer. Though this engine has been designed to make blending easier in blenders with wider containers, most people grumble that the size from the container makes it harder to blend a small amount of ingredients. For it to perfectly blend, it is recommended that 3+ cups of elements should be blended. Among the advantages of this new motor is it is than the previous motor quieter. In fact , the manufacturer statements that it produces forty percent less noise than its predecessor. The cooling system of this motor is improved and cools even more efficiently than the previous motor&#8217 also; s.
Another difference between the Vitamix 5200 and the CIA Professional Series is the previous comes in more variants than the later on. For instance, the 5200S comes with a cookbook, as well as the Super 5200 has a whole grains recipe book and a 32oz dry grains box. The Deluxe 5200 comes with three spatulas, four cutting planks, a 32oz wet-blade container, a whole grains recipe book, and a 32oz dried out grains container, as the 5200 with Small Container is supplied having a 48oz container.
When shopping for a Vitamix food blender, you will realize that it has a true number as part of its name, for example , Kitchenaid 1710 Professional Series 500. This true number is not a model, however it only refers towards the color of the food blender. So , the true number 1710 is used to identify that the color of the blender is stainless-steel. Consequently , this should not mistake you when buying Vitamix blender.
There are numerous similarities between the Kitchenaid CIA Professional Series and the 5200. Both of them use the same type of motor as well as the size of their particular containers are also the same. The only significant difference in Kitchenaid CIA Professional Series vs 5200 is usually on the control panel.

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