Vitamix 300 or 750 Which One Will You Choose

Vitamix is the manufacturer and designer of a host of some of the best blenders in the world. Among their selection of products are the Kitchenaid 300 and Kitchenaid 750. These two blenders are from their professional series. By stating professional series, it will not mean that they are pre-loaded with motors that are more powerful than those from the nonprofessional series like the 7500. All blenders manufactured by Vitamix include powerful professional quality motors. The words professional series on a Kitchenaid blender only imply that it is supplied with a cookbook that contains dishes that will help you prepare premium quality food just found in hotels and restaurants. Otherwise, almost everything under the engine of the Vitamix three hundred and the Vitamix 750 is the same. This article shall make a comparison of Vitamix 300 vs 750, helping the decision is made by you on which one is the best for you.
Let us begin by comparing the engines of these two blenders. As mentioned above, both Vitamix 300 and 750 are equipped with the same motor. They will both use the second generation 2. two HP motor. This motor has a air conditioning that prevents the motor from excessive heating, therefore , allowing you to longer run it. Also, improved cooling implies that you have the flexibleness of trying out all kinds of recipes since the food blender can run longer. For those recipes this kind of as for pizza bread, which is hard to make using other blenders usually, you can simply make reference to the cookbook that is included with both these blenders just for the correct settings.
Another certain area to look at is the interface of the blenders. This is one area where you shall notice a significant difference between the Vitamix 300 and 750. The three hundred has a simple user interface. A dial is had by it that is used to adjust the speed at the middle, on the still left there is a pulse change, and on the right a start/stop toggle change. Its layout is comparable to that that of the 5200 and the 5300, the only difference is the pulse establishing switch is unavailable on the 5200.
The Vitamix 750, however, comes with preset handles on top of the heartbeat and variable quickness controls. The pre-specified controls help you remove guess work when blending certain types of recipes. You shall be impressed to know that there are five pre-programmed settings for making puree, frozen dessert, soups, and smoothies in the Vitamix 750. On top of that, there is one more pre-programmed setting just for cleaning the glass pitcher. You are helped by These settings to get a more consistent result in your recipes. All you have to perform is choose your setting, and you can even relax and do other things as the blender does all the ongoing work. Using these settings can help you save a lot of time specifically if you are a chef or someone who runs a juice bar.
The blade size of both the Vitamix three hundred and 750 are identical. This is because both of these blenders use containers from the same size. Their particular blades measure four inches in size. This is approximately an inch wider those of the 5200 and other blenders from the previous generation. Both blenders use metal hammermill blades. The known fact that the blades are stainless steel means that they cannot corrode or rust, which is essential because you do not really want a rusty cutter chopping and mixing your food.
Consumers who have used the Vitamix 5200 complained of its size mostly. The complaint was that the 5200 is so high that it cannot match most standard counter top cabinets. Vitamix taken notice of these complaints and released a low profile container that still has the same capability as that of the 5200. This new 64-ounce low-profile glass pitcher is used by both Vitamix 300 as well as the 750. With this container, the overall elevation of the blender is certainly reduced to seventeen. 5 inches from 20. 5 in .. This makes both 300 and 750 capable of appropriate into most regular countertop cabinets.
Both Vitamix 300 as well as the 750 can make basically any recipe you have in mind. It is because; they use the same pitcher, blade, and motor. The just significant difference they have got is the pre-programmed handles in the 750 that the 300 will not have. These preprogrammed controls, as mentioned previously, allow you to make dishes such as frosty desserts and soups without the need of manually beginning and stopping the blender, or time it.
Both the Kitchenaid 300 and the 750 are good choices if you are searching for a blender just for your cooking requirements. They are both pre-loaded with a 2. 2 HP motor that is heavy and powerful duty enough to handle pretty much anything you throw at it. After comparing Kitchenaid 300 vs 750, we recommend that you buy any one of them for your blending needs.

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