Best Blenders With a Glass Pitcher in 2017

A quality blender needs to stand up to a serious amount of force and pressure. With spinning food and blades being thrown all over the inside of the container, a food blender with a pitcher that may stand up to a heavy defeating is a crucial thought when researching your choices. For a long time, glass pitchers were considered the gold standard just for blending, but since technology advanced nearly all blender brands relocated to a plastic model. While the majority of quality blenders with plastic pitchers can get the job done still, some social people prefer the glass product.
As we above mentioned, most manufacturers have got headed to plastic, therefore options for quality glass blenders are a small limited. We’ve done some extensive research, nevertheless , and compiled a listing of some of the top cup blenders currently available available. By the final end of this article, you should have an excellent sense of the types of blenders with cup pitchers that are out there and become well equipped to produce a solid choice.
Therefore let’s get started!

Why Go For a Cup Pitcher Instead of a Plastic-type material Pitcher?

Just before we get into an in depth review of some best glass pitcher blenders, we figured we’d first go into several detail on why you might want to choose a cup pitcher over a plastic-type material.
You might be wondering, “Why opt for glass when every single manufacturer is using plastic? Doesn’t which means that that plastic is much better? ”
Well, it is important to keep in mind that production decisions – for those companies making small appliance &#8211 especially; are not made with improving quality in mind always. Mass producing plastic pitchers saves a complete lot of money when compared to using a quality glass construction, and plastic has more drawbacks than glass generally.

When you purchase a glass glass pitcher, you’re getting the subsequent benefits:

– Scratch Resistant. With blades rotating in very fast speeds, it could be easy to scratch a plastic pitcher. While it may not happen right away, over time you’re going to notice some scratch damage definitely. It’ll end up being easy to tell which the pitcher is used but it will surely no longer be the sparkly blender you initial bought. Glass is certainly scratch resistant, meaning that under normal circumstances your pitcher shall look the same and hold up for years to come.
– Clear Look at. While this benefit may not be as crucial to many people as perks like scratch resistance, the fact that glass pitchers are clear will appeal to many homeowners completely. Quite often when cooking, there’s a certain texture or consistency you’re trying to achieve with your blender. Cloudy plastic can make it difficult to see how far along your food is in the blending process just. It’s quite simple to overblend, therefore being able to see correct when you ought to stop is an absolute benefit.
– Simply no Absorption of Meals Odors. Put Simply, your glass pitcher is not going to take on the odor of the number of foods you put through it over the course of the appliance’s life. Plastic pitchers shall absorb smells over time, and a heavy cleaning will do little to fix this issue even. You might very well end up with a smelly pitcher after years of use, which gives another true point to the glass pitcher team.
– BPA Totally free. BPA is a chemical present in numerous plastic pitchers, even though the FDA offers assured users the fact that chemical is safe to become included in plastic, some users might be concerned about the ongoing health effects. There’s previously been a decent amount of controversy regarding the long term associated with being exposed to BPA, and in response a complete lot of high-end plastic blender companies have moved to plastics that don’t contain the substance. Still, if you’re concerned and you aren’t cautious you can end up with an item that contains it. Cup is BPA totally free, so any cup blender you buy will not give you cause pertaining to concern.

Cup Pitchers: Important Features

Now that we’ve gone over why exactly you may want a glass blender instead of one made of plastic, let us go into some more fine detail on what exactly you should search for in a blender when you decide to go with a glass pitcher food blender.
– Pricing. Similar to purchase, you’re likely to want to take cost into consideration when buying your new blender. Be sure you spend enough to get good quality, yet there’s no need to break your budget. An important point to notice in this section may be the importance of finding a blender manufactured by a great company. While all the blenders on this list would be a good buy, if you choose to look elsewhere it is important to do some study on the manufacturers. Less expensive products with glass pitchers are available certainly, but for an appliance that deals with such power and abrasion it is important to make sure the quality is sufficient. Read you’ll and reviews make a great decision!
– Features. There’s truthfully not a ton of need to go with a food blender that has a ton of different settings, as this only adjusts the speed realistically. There’s only a lot of speeds that are essential, so don’t get dragged in by a blender with 16 buttons just because it has a complete lot of modes. With that said, think about what you’re likely to be using your food blender for and choose a model with great durability and the features to suit your needs.
– Quantity of Power. The quantity of power that your blender uses is a crucial consideration. The majority of blenders use a lower amount of power due to the known fact that glass pitchers, whilst durable, completely shatterproof aren’t. In case your main task to get a blender is blending hard vegetables or making a insert out of nut products, for example , you’ll need a higher power and may have to go with a plastic blender actually. Beyond niche uses, nevertheless , a quality blender with a glass pitcher should suit you fine just.

Oster Pro 1200 Food blender – Our Best Pick of 2017!

Now that we’ve gone over what you should expect in a blender, let us start the list away with our top choose of 2017. In the event that you’d like an easy decision and are assured in our research, choosing this first food blender on our list is sure to leave you happy.
One of the most important facets of this blender that we’d like to address is the huge amount of positive reviews. We’ve done a complete lot of research on how well these blenders perform, yet there’s nothing like a lot of happy clients to give you greater self-confidence in the quality of the Oster Pro 1200 blender. Users compliment this blender’s capability to blend most any kind of ingredient, and this is a crucial plus considering the problem with glass blenders’ power that we discussed over.
If user reviews are not enough, put your trust in the Consumer Reviews review that offered it a “very good” in efficiency.
This blender features a 6 cup glass jar that is both scratch and temperature resistant. A bit was discussed by us above about how scratch resistance comes standard with most glass pitchers, however the fact that it is also temperature resistant is a good feature as well. Being able to pour awesome food directly from the pan into the oven can cut out considerable time spent waiting for your liquids to great. A good blender ought to add convenience, and the Oster Pro 1200 Blender accomplishes that definitely.
In addition to a 6 glass jar, there’s a 24 oz smoothie jar included for making quick drinks also.
One more feature of the food blender is the 7 settings that it includes. As opposed to some blenders, these modes are not unnecessary or extraneous, and there’s configurations for low, moderate, and high rates of speed as well as mode enhanced for pulsing, smoothies, chopping, and milkshakes. The chopping feature is nice especially, as it allows you to save some right time with knifework.
Easily, the Oster Pro 1200 Blender features reverse blade action that turns and adjusts ingredients automatically. No longer are you going to have to open the very best and move your meal around – this blender does that for you!
A solid cup constructions, multiple rates of speed, and reverse cutter action make this food blender an excellent buy. There are a good suite of features available for an affordable price, and it is backed by a great warranty.
Although users praise the ability of the blender to procedure most any component, it still is suffering from the drawbacks of lower power with regards to processes like milling flour or producing nut butter. It could do a passable work, but if you do that frequently even the best glass pitcher blender may not be able to help you.

General Opinion

There’s a good reason we named the Oster Pro 1200 as our top pick of 2017, and that’s since the positives far surpass the negatives. There is very little wrong with all the blender to begin with, as well as the durability, quality, and host of features make it the top buy.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite 58148A

While this list was started by us with our top pick for best blenders with a glass pitcher in 2017, that’s not saying that the other versions on our list are without value.
The Hamilton Seaside Power Elite 58148A is a quality food blender that is available for an incredible price.
The Oster Pro 1200 that we discussed above is relatively inexpensive already, but if you’re on a tight budget and you want quality still, this offering from Hamilton Beach may be worth a second look.
This blender is still rated at number two on our list and is an excellent purchase, it just missed out on the top spot due to lower power slightly.
Like the Oster Pro 1200, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite features a temperature and shock resistant glass container. It’s nice to find out that even upon budget models that you could get a pitcher which will stand up to heat and take a beating with out breaking.
This food blender doesn’t have as many settings as the Oster Pro 1200, yet that doesn’t suggest it doesn’t finish the same job. It operates using Hamilton Beach’s exclusive “Wave Action” program. This operational system is designed to continually force food down towards the blades, making a sort of wave shape with the flow and ebb of the ingredients. This doesn’t have the invert action blades, however it still accomplishes simply the same thing due to just how it’s designed.
Like many glass glass pitcher blenders, it’s sick suited for pulverising hard ingredients, but it is perfect for tasks like crushing ice, producing smoothies, and much less strenuous blending jobs.
Despite the budget cost, Hamilton Beach stands by their product, providing an amazing 3 yr warranty. If any concerns were had by you about going this inexpensive for a blender, you should rest assured knowing that you can get it replaced or fixed if anything unusual should happen.
As we mentioned in the review, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite 58148A has a large amount of features in a incredible price point. Should you be looking for a blender that may stand up to most regular tasks at price range price point, you will not do much better than this model. User reviews online are almost universally positive also, therefore it’s not just all of us singing the good remarks of this budget food blender!
Like any glass glass pitcher, the Hamilton Seaside Power Elite has its own drawbacks. The main one, concerning be expected, is that it’s not a great choice pertaining to blending tasks that need a high amount of power.
The majority of people, however , make use of their blender fairly rarely and for simple tasks like mixing a smoothie or crushing ice. Should you be not going to use your blender on a daily basis, nevertheless , why should you invest plenty of money? For those who are alright leaving more severe blending to a food processor, this model is worth a look still.

Overall Opinion

The main reason this blender didn’t reach the top of the list, as we above discussed, was your lower power. Should you be just using the food blender for day to day duties and aren’t a critical home chef, nevertheless , it will accomplish just about everything that the Oster 1200 Pro accomplishes yet at a lower price.
Overall, a very good purchase!

Oster Invert Crusher Counterforms Food blender

This food blender is another providing from Oster, even though it’s a somewhat older model. Still, older doesn’t required mean less amazing, and the Oster Invert Crusher Counterforms Food blender can hang with all the best of them.
The pitcher is made of Boroclass stress and heat resistant glass with a capacity of 6 cups. Boroclass is a glass included in Oster blenders, and is designed with maximum shatter and durability proofing in mind.
This blender shall hold up to a decent amount of power, but it would be deceitful to say that it are designed for everything a plastic-type material blender can. It is slightly less effective than the Oster 1200 Pro with 1000 watts of power vs 1200, and if the Oster Pro can’t process super hard ingredients it would sound right that the Reverse Crusher Counterforms model can’t either.
With that said, there are a lot of good reasons to go with this blender still. It’s not our best pick and it isn’t really the cheapest, but it is been around since 3 years ago and still enjoys enough popularity to this day. Using a collection of positive reviews comprising 10 years since discharge, there’s no denying that this blender will get the working job done.
One of the best features that impresses a lot of users is the Smart Setting Programming really. This enables you to mix pretty much any key with ease with only the touch of a one button. No more fiddling around with trying to puzzle out what setting to use for a particular food, let the Oster Reverse Crusher Counterforms Blender do the work just!
To the wise Setting Programming feature is one of the main attracts of this model, and combined with high quality structure is the main reason why this blender is constantly on the see a healthy buy rate even ten years after release.
They say if it broke ain’t, don’t fix it, and it seems like Oster really hit the nail on the relative head with this blender back in 2007.
As you can glean through the review, the main advantage this blender provides over other cup pitcher blenders may be the smart setting plan. Combine that with a durable and beautiful stainless steel construction, and you have a recipe for a food blender that gets the work done right and looks good whilst doing it!
At the risk of sounding unnecessary, the main negative of the model is the reality that it can’t deal with tasks that require an excellent high power. In case you haven’t already collected from the reviews so far, glass pitchers are not the best choice when you need plenty of power behind the blade. They have their benefits definitely, yet this is one region in which they flunk.

Overall Opinion

Like all of the blenders on this list, the Oster Reverse Crusher Counterforms blender is a buy we recommend wholeheartedly. While it isn’t really the most powerful or cheapest blender upon our list, they have unique features which make it a quality buy.


The last food blender on our list of the best blenders using a glass pitcher in 2017 is the BLACK+DECKER BL1110RG FusionBlade. Since the last one we all discuss, it happens to come in last place also. Still, last place on checklist of the very best is not an achievement to scoff at, and the FusionBlade blender has some good benefits to offer still.
The main attraction of the blender is the compact size. Though we might not have mentioned it in some of our earlier reviews, the more powerful blenders tend to be a small on the heavy part. They’re decently portable still, but they are not lightweight such as this model is.
If counter space is at a premium or you have a place to store a heavier blender don’t, this BLACK+DECKER offers a good compromise between portability and power.
Despite the light-weight construction, the FusionBlade still features a long lasting glass pitcher that fits the same amount of volume as the larger and more expensive versions.
A compromise was mentioned by us, and one of the primary drawbacks of this model is the much lower power when compared to higher-end brands. In going for a smaller sized blender, you’re obtaining a smaller motor too. This model just blends at 550 Watts of power, which is less than half the charged power of the top blender on our list.
Despite the reduce power, this blender can tackle most basic blending tasks still. If you would like to make a smoothie or crush some snow, the FusionBlade will get the working job done. If you need to cut up hard ingredients or pulverize anything totally smooth, you might have to sacrifice the portability and go with a more powerful blender.
Should you be concerned with counter space or you have hardly any storage, this blender may be the real way to go. With a compact design that can handle a lot of tasks still, you’ll receive a top quality blender that will suit your needs for years to arrive.
Unfortunately, the last on the list of the best is last place for a reason still. Glass powers sacrifice power in exchange for a better quality pitcher always, but the FusionBlade requires this to the severe. The fact that it seeks to save counter space in addition to the already decrease capabilities of a cup blender means that it will eventually really fall short meant for serious blending requirements.
We don’t wish to give the impression this is a bad food blender, because it’s actually not, but for an identical price you can get the Hamilton Beach model which performs much better in exchange for a bigger footprint on your table.

Overall Opinion

There’s certainly that there are many good stuff to say about the BLACK+DECKER BL1110RG FusionBlade, but one model on the list of the best needs to be last. It’s a good option for those who are limited with space extremely, when you can handle just a little larger blender it is almost always advisable to look with the Hamilton Seaside.

Add the very best Blender To Your Home Today

We wish you’ve found this review informative and educational. We do our best to perform a large amount of research and offer you with honest reviews of the best blenders with a glass glass pitcher in 2017.
There are both drawbacks and benefits to choosing glass as the material for your blender pitcher, but the technology comes a long way since the preliminary glass constructions. It’s true that many companies almost manufacture plastic pitchers exclusively, but as we above discussed, that does not necessarily make them better.
There are various reasons why you would want to choose a glass pitcher, but for whatever reason it might be, choosing any one of such top blenders can be sure to leave you pleased. Buying a blender can be an investment, and while a wide range of prices available out there there’s, it is important to choose a model that offers durability and quality while conference all of your needs.
Whether you go with a inexpensive model or 1 that’s more expensive, possess confidence that these greatest blenders of 2017 will keep on mixing for years to arrive.

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