Best Blender For Protein Shakes Like Shakeology – (New – Updated! )

The very best protein shakes like Shakeology are a healthful drink for everyone’ s daily lives. However , making them needs keen observation to the tool used to guarantee high quality is accomplished. The best blenders for Shakeology and other protein shakes have certain properties that may differ from any other blender. This is a list of what you should expect in a blender pertaining to protein shakes next time you shop for a single.

Best Food blender For Protein Shakes Like Shakeology Assessment Chart

What To Look For

A high-speed motor is among the key feature of the perfect protein shakes blender. Such a motor allows the usage of frozen fruits instead of the hard to discover fresh fruits as it can very easily crush the snow covering such fruits. Such makes it simpler to purchase fresh fruits to conserve, store them in your freezers and use them make more shakes frequently. The high speed motor also removes the need to pre-cut the constituents before using the blender as the motor can easily pulverize the fruits’ seeds for better texture and taste. Do not go for inexpensive motors, as they shall burn out from regular use. On the other hand, high quality motors would run several times within a full day without even a sign of burning out.
The blender needs to be steady.
The mixing process requires a steady blender that will not fall off once you have began blending. Always check the blender base to make sure it is made of steel instead of a piece of plastic-type material. Metal bases provide any blender the stability required to endure the vibrations from a high-speed electric motor used for making your protein shakes.
Make sure it is an excellent size for you.
A perfect blender just for smoothies must have the proper pitcher size along with the right material. For optimum results, the blenders’ pitcher size can be a minimum of 5 mugs or 40 ounces, but the bigger the pitch size, the better for you. Some blenders might have more than one jar with differing sizes, which usually adds to the pitcher capability of your blender. The pitch pot ought not to be made of a brittle material such as glass. Rather, it should be a material able to maintain high pressure, high revolving speed and should end up being lighter. Plastic may be the best material that meets these quality parameters.
Practical and easy to clean
The ease of cleaning is certainly another feature to consider in your food blender. Avoid the blenders that need disassembling before you clean. Go for blenders that would be easily cleansed by rolling a mixture of hot water and dish washing soap in the jars for the minute.
Our choices have the ability to the above requirements….

The Top Choices

Nutri Ninja Pro (BL456)

The Nutri Ninja Pro (BL456) is a stand alone blender, utilized to process whole fruits, vegetables, ice, and seeds. It is employed for those who want healthful drinks and really want the convenience of just one appliance. Unlike other juicers or blenders, this machine does not individual pulp from the water. Users get all of the nutrients of entire foods.

  • Powerful nine hundred watt motor. This machine is designed to procedure whole foods, such as the skins. It can process ice also, seed products, and frozen fruits right from the deal.
  • BPA free storage containers. The main processing container and the take along storage containers don’ t include harmful toxins.
  • Take along mugs. The Nutri Ninja Pro comes with two take along containers in the 24 oz and 18 oz sizes. the storage containers feature sip and go lids, to easily take healthful drinks along on the commute to function or on a brief trip.
  • Attractive style. The blender comes with a brushed steel complete, with attractive dark accents. It appears good on the kitchen counter, so there is no need to store the machine in the cupboard.

Buyers state the machine is easy to use and creates smooth drinks, shakes, or juices. Clean is easy up, as there is just one container to wash. It goes in the top rack of the dishwasher also, for greater convenience even.
There have been several concerns about the juicer leaking. Users recommend not overfilling the main cleaning and jar the seal properly with soap and water. They claim all juicing machines shall leak if overfilled or if debris gets caught up in the seal.
Advantages of the Nutri Ninja Pro

  • Healthier drinks, shakes, or smoothies – Simply by processing the whole fruits, seeds, or vegetables, users get all of the nutrients of the entire foods, than just from the juicy parts rather.
  • Easy to use and clean – Using a single pot for processing the actual machine easier to thoroughly clean and preserve, after use. The cup for processing can go in the top rack of the dishwasher even, for greater comfort.
  • Small impact – This processor includes a small footprint, so it can fit on the counter among other appliances easily. It will also store in the cupboard easily, if preferred.
  • Great cost – This juicer is certainly a fraction of the cost of larger, bukier models that individual the pulp. The advantage of this machine is that users can make shakes and smoothies, as well as healthy juice drinks, from just one machine.
  • Practical containers with covers – The Nutri Ninja Pro (BL356) includes two take along mugs, which can be stored in the refrigerator when not being utilized.

Magic Bullet NutriBelt Food blender

If you want to make healthful and nutritious beverages that can help you have got healthy and younger-looking skin, relieve joint pain, help you get slimmer, and fight and prevent diseases even, then the correct product for you to use may be the Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer Program. What makes this food blender so impressive is definitely its extractor technology. The blender’ t extractor technology utilizes a motor with cyclonic action that is powered simply by 600 watts of electricity and distinctively designed extractor cutting blades. This technology functions by breaking down and pulverizing the skins, seed products, and stems, which are the right parts that carry the highest amount of nutrition.
To make a smooth, delicious, and nutritious drink, add boosts such as herbs simply, seeds, and nuts, vegetables, and fruits, along which includes water, and there it is had by you. In the event that its technology is definitely not fascinating enough, the fast rate at which you can prepare and clean the blender shall blow your mind.
Now, you are asking yourself why you should eat extract foods probably. The answer is easy. Extract drinks and foods are very nutritious, and therefore, suitable for everyone it does not matter whether they are old or young, or with a healthy body or not perfectly. Extract foods and drinks are great as they are predigested already. Which means that when they enter the body, they are absorbed into the blood effortlessly. In the continuing state that they are in, taken out foods eliminate the reliance on proper chewing, effective digestive enzymes and stomach acids to digest food properly. Therefore , you need a NutriBullet blender to help you in preparing delicious and nutritious extract drinks and foods. Are the items included in the NytriBullet 12-Piece set blender Below.
The set contains:

  • 1 pocket nutritionist1 user manual and cookbook
  • 2 stay-fresh resealable lids
  • 1 regular lip band
  • 1 handled lips ring
  • 2 brief cups
  • 1 high cup
  • 1 milling blade
  • 1 extractor blade
  • 1 high-torque power base

Other highlights of the Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System include:

  • In a position to shred tough skin, bust open seed products, break down the toughest crack and ingredients through stems.
  • Comes with a one year limited warranty.

Here are the specifications of this food blender:

  • It has a capability volume of 3 mugs
  • It weighs three or more. 6 lbs
  • The wattage output is definitely 600 Watts

Your health ought to be your first concern. For this good reason, you need to eat healthy drinks and foods. The wonder Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer Program will help you prepare healthy foods and beverages that will help you live healthful.

Ninja Professional Blender

Many individuals make resolutions to clean up their diet and exercise to become more healthy. Some wrongly think this requires a significant output of hard work on their part. Rather, it takes a audio nutrition plan as well as the proper tools to reach your goals. Using the Ninja Professional Blender & Nutrition Ninja Mugs you can create a selection of healthy meals just for your family to enjoy in home, work and school.
High tier brands such as VitaMix or Blender pop when seeking blender recommendations up. They come with a high rated reviews. Nevertheless , few can spend the $500 sale price required to obtain all of them. Enter the Ninja. They have great product ads airing on network television, an attractive price and a wide range of useful features. You have got likely seen among the commercials and may be thinking purchasing one of the Ninja blenders. Let’ ersus take a closer take a look at what the Ninja provides.
The Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups can be found in multiple speeds. This consists of models delivering among 1, 000 and 1, 500 w. This is enough drive to whip and puree a variety of elements. A common problem of blenders is definitely their lackluster efficiency when chopping snow. However , the Ninja blender breezes through ice effortlessly which makes it perfect to create margaritas for the next party. It powers through fibrous vegetables such as spinach and kale for your healthy green smoothies.
The blender carafe is definitely spacious at seventy two ounces allowing you to make a full supply of smoothies and drinks in a single session. The glass pitcher is built of long lasting materials. The cutting blades are sharp and won’ t corrosion on you. The accessories, lid, pitcher and other accessories are constructed with BPA free plastic-type. The parts can also be dishwasher safe so that you can feel comfortable tossing all of them in for a routine to clean.
The Nutri Ninja cups keep 24 ounces of liquid. They come with sip and seal lids also. These types of cups are ideal for grab and proceed drinks and securely contain your favorite drinks as you walk out the door.
The footprint is little enough to not consume valuable real estate within your kitchen. Its usefulness shall not relegate it to a forgotten cabinet, not to be used again. Rather, you shall find you can use the Ninja Professional blender daily. It makes more than smoothies. You are able to create your personal salsas, pasta gravies, and chicken salad even. It is made by The versatility a wise buy.

Epica Personal Food blender & Take-Along Container

There are several blenders on the market, but Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle stands out amongst the rest. This unique food blender ensures you can make a blended drink on the go in a secure, healthy, and quicker way. Epica Personal Blender comes with a consuming jar attached on the base allowing you to blend and carry the drink with them. All you have to perform is twist the bottom when ready to go along with your blended drink.
Among the standing out feature of the Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle is a BPA free mixing machine jar that is certainly break resistant. This jar is very light and fits most of the motor car heating conditions, which makes it safe to transport with you in the vehicles once you are going without worrying regarding breaking at any heat range. The one glass jar blender is easy to clean also, saving you precious cleaning efforts and time.
With this blender, you are assured of sticking to your diet timetable since the 20 ounces, take-along bottle is certainly large enough to transport your daily beverages. The mug is air tight sealable so it does not spill the drinks in the car or bag. The Jar’ s lid properly snaps on the container during storage producing the jar take up smaller space and maintain all parts undamaged all the time.
Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle has a effective motor and dependable heavy-duty blades made from stainless steel for simpler cleaning and great healthy blending. The motor allows for three hundred watts output, in a position to reach 23, 000 revolutions a full minute, enough to pulverize any fruit in the blender with much ease. This high speed, high power motor means users can make their personal sauces, soups, and purees without precutting the ingredients or stressing of the blender holding on on some hard fruit seeds. The high rotating blades crush ice and frozen fruits without any hitch easily.
Epica Personal Food blender with Take-Along Container is made to last age groups. The high quality components ensure you get more solutions from the blender, which usually guarantees you worth for the purchase. You can easily make you favorite drinks three times a day without breaking this wonderful blender down even. Consistency is definitely guaranteed as the blender delivers top quality blending experience if you are. The food blender comes with a 2 yr high quality service guarantee, reducing the risk of not working for such a long time.

Nutri Ninja Car IQ (BL482)

The Nutri Ninja Car iQ (BL482) is definitely a small, powerful blender designed to process whole vegetables and fruits. Purchasers who purchase this item tend to use the equipment for healthy beverages, or for fluids to use in healthier recipes. The Ninja iQ may break down fruits, vegetables, ice, and seed products.
Benefits of the Nutri Ninja iQ

  • Ease of digesting – The main container for processing twists on and off the machine simply, intended for easy serving.
  • Simplicity of clean up – There is certainly one container utilized for processing, to wash among used. Users don’ t have to clean multiple parts, like they do with a quality juicer. This makes using the machine faster and easier.
  • No guesswork – The Nutri Ninja iQ mixes foods automatically, using one of the handy configurations. There is no guess function for users. Just choose the blend function for smoothies or maybe the ultra blend intended for juice like regularity.
  • Less space around the counter – The Ninja iQ occupies less space around the counter top, than common juicing machines. The little footprint of the machine makes it handy to seize and use in a moment’ h notice. It’ h small enough to become stored in the kitchen cupboard, when not in use.
  • More healthy drinks – The Ninja iQ processes whole vegetables and fruits. This means there is no right part of the fruit left over. Users will get all the nutrients in healthy, tasty beverages, without wasting any right part of the fruit. Typical juicers separate the skin and leave the dietary fiber for users to dispose of or make use of in creative methods. This is inconvenient often, unless users want baked treats or goods, along with juice. Using the entire fruit or vegetable provides more minerals and vitamins, for healthier smoothies and drinks.
  • BPA free Ninja mugs. This model features 3 sizes: thirty-two ounce multi provide, 24 ounce, and 18 ounce. The cups are consider and go, because they come with sip and seal lids.
  • Car iQ programs. Users simply select one of the three settings and let the machine do the ongoing work. No guesswork is required to use these features.
  • Powerful 1000 watts motor. This makes processing whole fruits, seeds, and glaciers a simple task, without mess.
  • Smooth digesting. There is no foam residue left when whole ice and fruits are processed.

Buyers say the Nutri Ninja iQ is about as calm as more expensive brand juice blenders. It takes less than a full minute for many drinks, so most users don’ t find it a nagging problem. It’ s easy to use, quick cleaning, and looks great on the counter. You don’t need to to put it aside or hide this after use. The Nutri Ninja Car iQ (BL482) is a great value overall.


In case you to choose the best food blender for Shakeology or other protein shakes, choosing any of these will provide you with exactly what you need!

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